Friday, September 12, 2008


General Information

TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer. It can play MIDI files by converting them into PCM waveform data; give it a MIDI data along with digital instrument data files, then it synthesizes them in real-time, and plays. It can not only play sounds, but also can save the generated waveforms into hard disks as various audio file formats.

TiMidity++ is a free software, distributed under the terms of GNU general public license.
The History

TiMidity++ is based on TiMidity 0.2i, written by Tuukka Toivonen *1, released on 1995. No new version of this original project is developed since then. Development has been continued by Masanao Izumo et al. in the new project named TiMidity++. ++ is to show the difference from original project.
♪ Features

* Plays MIDI files without any external MIDI instruments at all
* Understands SMF, MOD, RCP/R36/G18/G36, MFI
* Converts MIDI files into various audio file formats: .wav, .au, .aiff, .ogg and so on
* Uses Gravis Ultrasound compatible patch files and/or SoundFonts as the voice data
* Displays information about the music that is now playing
* Various user interfaces: ncurses, gtk, Win32-GUI, and others
* Plays remote MIDI files over the network
* Plays MIDI files in archive files
* Displays sound spectrogram for the playing music
* Trace playing

some terminal commands commonly used in TiMidity++ to convert midi file into wav & ogg format
1. timidity -Ow [sourcefile.mid] [objectfile.wav]
this command convert the source midi file to wav.
2. timidity -Ov [sourcefile.mid] [objectfile.wav]
this command convert the source midi file to ogg

playing midi on web using firefox
In order to play midi files on the web you must have both Timidity & Mozplugger installed in your system

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