Thursday, September 18, 2008

Converting WMA to Ogg

somehow some WMA versions are hard to convert to ogg or mp3 or any audio file.
but linux has a very good solution to it by using

how to use it?
1. fire up your terminal
2. go to the directory where the wma can be found
3. type the following -f filename.wma -br 128

Here the options, so you can understand better

-f, -filefilename
-aconverts all wma files in the current directory
-toutput filetype (ogg, mp3) [default=ogg]
-lameI wanna use L.A.M.E. sure enough!
-brbitrate (kb/s) [default=from the wma]
-delremove wma file(s) after the transcoding

therefor " -f filename.wma -br 128" tells that -f filename.wma is obviously the wma file and -br 128 is to convert it to ogg with 128 bitrate.

after you have successfully converted the WMA to Ogg you can now convert the audio file easily in MP3, wav or any other audio format.

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