Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Configuring in console mode

its is still good to know the use of console mode specially if something bad happen to your GUI or in your Xserver.

the best way to do it in PCLinuxOS is by typing "pcc" (PCLinuxOS Control Center).

there are a lot of tool you can find and reconfigure your system if GUI is not working like:

1. 3d Desktop Effects
2. Auto install
3. Boot loader
4. Display
5. Firewall
6. Internet connection sharing
7. Keyboard
8. Mouse
9. Network & Internet
10. Partitions
11. Services
12. User and Groups

I usually use this pcc command specially when im changing video cards. cause sometimes when you change video cards it will usually go to console command and will require you to reconfigure your display.

hope this will help you a lot. ^_^

till next time ^_^